Global Cannect’s Cultivation partner, Monte Fiore has developed a proven repeatable fully integrated cannabis company. To quickly address opportunities in new markets, we are pursuing Franchise and Management Agreement partnerships with local teams. Monte Fiore will provide Franchisees with the blueprint to get their plant-touching business up and running. 
Monte Fiore is extremely selective when choosing Franchisee partners. Potential Franchise partners go through rigorous due diligence and vetting processes to ensure compliance with local and state regulations. Additionally, potential Franchise partners must submit background checks and references- it is imperative that anyone representing the Monte Fiore brand will maintain the high standards and company culture. 
The goal of this model is rapid expansion into new states, and allowing our brand to get a foothold in emerging markets.


Monte Fiore’s state-of-the-art hybrid facilities are specially designed by our team to produce some of the most exotic high-quality cannabis on the planet.  The Company has custom designed, proprietary hybrid facilities which are 85% more energy efficient, cheaper to operate, and provide a better product when compared to the current cannabis cultivation infrastructure in Colorado.
Sustainability and environmental impact are key considerations on every project, and every plant we produce. All of our processes and facilities are designed with sustainability in mind. We strive to produce the most natural hydroponic, high terpene, high cannabinoid, sun grown cannabis possible. All of our processes are developed from our internal research and development, we have a full-time team of experts working in a small-scale production facility to always stay ahead of the curve and provide the highest grade products to our clients. Our Hydroponic experience, research, development and proprietary blends produce cannabis on the highest level.
The flagship farm is developed on the historic Perrino homestead and is fed by pristine Colorado Rocky Mountain water that is 100% recycled and a sustainable source, something very unique to Monte Fiore and our hydroponic platform.  Our high elevation cultivation and extraction facilities at 6300 feet above sea level, are compliant with all state and local regulations, meet or exceed all national standards related to food production, agricultural best practices and beyond. We are experts in GMP/GAP development, management, design and engineering and have the results to prove it


Extraction & Refining Services – Co-manufacturing
At Monte Fiore we can provide single source extracts for your business, prepare crude oil, food grade oil, and many other products. Additionally we provide co-manufacturing services, we take all of the intense capital investment out of the equation, you can trust our team to maintain the integrity of your brand and assist in scaling it across our network. Third party extraction services. We will refine your product and return a high quality extract. Available in many forms, vape pens, raw oil, food grade pills, shatter, wax, isolates, solvent-less and live resin. We will do what it takes to get the job done.


Our main goal of the business is to enter new projects as a partner, to train and develop the locally sourced employees to join our global cannabis & hemp enterprise. Monte Fiore has a dedicated culture of training our employees and building careers for our staff, many of whom have little to no previous experience. The high-level scope of the proposed project is to develop a multi-phased roadmap to design, plan, and build a fully integrated ecosystem throughout the world. This vertical infrastructure could include a high-volume Hemp, CBD & THC farm with multiple retail outlets supported by an end-to-end distribution system. We also propose to establish extraction, manufacturing, and research facilities to support these extensive operations.
Monte Fiore has been involved in Cannabis related ventures since the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Colorado in 2009 when we started the world’s first Cannabis and hemp transportation and distribution business. We scaled to service over 1200 Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries & cannabis/hemp businesses per month which provided the team valuable data and insight into the supply chain of the Colorado cannabis/hemp market. Monte Fiore leveraged data analytics experts to quickly identify multiple key trends which were limiting the scalability of many of the existing businesses. One of the most relevant trends Monte Fiore identified was that the supply chain in almost all-legal Cannabis/ hemp markets is fragmented, and composed of many small businesses. Many retail cannabis companies occupy very inefficient growing operations, and are being forced to buy wholesale flower to compete and keep up with demand and or completely shut down cultivation operations to completely purchase wholesale products


As the industry progresses, more regulation will create a growing list of requirements for all cannabis products. The ability to meet these requirements while still producing safe, innovative, and unique products requires expertise that is difficult to come by. The Vertical Product Development Team includes PhD chemists and other experts along with the latest equipment and technology.

To meet the desires of individual brands targeting specific consumer groups, strains, flavors, potency, viscosity, cost, and other factors can be dialed in to create a product that stands out from the crowd. The filling and packaging equipment investment also allows Vertical to efficiently package and master pack in quantities which can meet the demand of even the largest brands. We have edible and beverage consumable


We bring our customers the very best cannabis experience we can by working with industry leading companies who produce Colorado’s premium products. Our owners visit every cultivation facility and hand select the flower we carry before it hits our shelfs. We are always seeking the most exotic terpene rich flower we can source from Colorado’s top growers.

Monte Fiore Farms is our flagship cultivation facility and is a major source of our inventory at our retail locations. Our vertically integrated business model gives our customers direct access to one of the largest and most advanced cultivation facilities in the state and the very best prices.